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SWANSONG: A Message of Love and Farewell (presented and edited by Barry Head)

Xlibris; © Barry Head, 2007

A collection of intimate essays by a man who says he’s in his 90s and wanting to leave a loving farewell to humankind. He’s not quite one of us, he claims, and wants to offer us a special parting gift. It’s a gift that is quirky, friendly and playful, even as it challenges, provokes, and even, quite possibly, offends.

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Xlibris; © Barry Head, 2006

A novel for young children, this realistic, colorful story is set in the south of Mexico. It recounts the adventures of one child’s rough road into the modern world. The hero, Utuyu, is about six years old and all alone when he comes out of the mountains, not even speaking Spanish, and has to learn how to survive in a big city. His struggles make a tale of determination, courage and resourcefulness as he copes with feelings all children share.

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WORKING COWBOY: Recollections of Ray Holmes (co-authored with Margot Liberty)

University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

The life, times and know-how of one of the last of the genuine article. Woven through Holmes’ colorful narrative is a wealth of information on ranching: calving, working cattle, branding, horses and horse sense, herd management, and gear. Winner of the Wyoming Historical Society Award.

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HOW FAMILIES GROW (co-authored with Fred Rogers)

Berkley Press; © Family Communications, 1988.

Mister Rogers explores the struggles and joys of family togetherness. Through anecdotal insights, he encourages understanding, acceptance and the growth of mutual trust.

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MISTER ROGERS’ PLAYBOOK: Insights and Activities for Parents and Children (co-authored with Fred Rogers)

Berkley Press; © Family Communications, 1986.

A book that reflects on play as a vital part of any child’s—and adult’s—growth. It offers games and projects that can help children understand the world around them, while bringing families together in laughter and love.

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MISTER ROGERS TALKS WITH PARENTS (co-authored with Fred Rogers)

Berkley Press; © Family Communications, 1983.

In his first book especially for parents, Mister Rogers talks about how to cope with both everyday and extraordinary situations in order to help make your life with your children more rewarding. His message: There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to raise a child. There is only what is right for you and your children.

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SCENES FROM A DIVORCE: A book for friends and relatives of a divorcing family (co-authored with Neil Paylor)

Winston Press, 1983; out of print.

Set in a fictional context of one family’s breakup, this one-of-a-kind divorce book speaks to the often unacknowledged trauma that those close to divorcing couples often experience. Along with anger, emptiness, and heartache come confusion and uncertainty over how best to offer help and comfort.

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